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Looking to elevate yourself in your career or looking for a new opportunity? At Elevated Coaching and Consulting, we have more than 12 years experience in employment services consulting and providing career coaching to Canberra. With our authentic, relatable and quality advice, we tailor our guidance to meet your needs.
We are passionate and care deeply about providing employment services for disadvantaged members of our community. This gives them equal opportunity to apply for and achieve their career goals and find success.

People Around Desk - Career Coaching Canberra

Career Coaching Seminar Canberra

Through a range of different sessions, we explore individual goal setting both personal and professional and develop a personalised plan and strategies to help support your goal achievement. Our “Lunch and Learn” webinars and workshops include topics such as:

  • Balancing home and work,
  • Managing stress & workplace pressures
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Balancing business and babies
  • Effective goal setting
  • Translating goals into actions
  • Self-care and resilience
  • Power of positive thinking

We also provide other coaching services to Canberra businesses to help support you, your career and your business including:

Leadership Coaching

Elevated Leadership Coaching stems from the belief that leadership starts with self-awareness. The purpose of Leadership Coaching is to help individuals become intentional leaders who understand their strengths, fulfil their goals, and elevate their potential to achieve their dreams successfully in any capacity, whether at a personal or professional level.

Women's Coaching

Elevated Women’s Coaching believes that every woman deserves the opportunity to develop her confidence to achieve her aspirations and to expand her horizons. Women’s Coaching allows women to break down stereotypes, limiting beliefs and build confidence preventing them from fulfilling their ultimate potential.

Elevated Mindset

Elevated Mindset focuses on shifting mindset and minimising limiting beliefs to develop self-confidence, motivation, resilience and to shift individuals into a positive and open mindset. Transformational leadership and coaching is for anyone who wants to grow and be challenged.

At Elevated Coaching and Consulting, all professional Canberra career coaching services are values-driven, we care about making a difference in the lives of others. Our vast experience in leading diverse teams has proven fruitful in supporting consistent results, performance, and sustainability. Get in touch today to book a quick chat to discuss your career coaching needs!

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