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Elevated Coaching & Consulting » Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting That Is People-Centric

Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting That Is People-Centric

Corporate Social Responsibility sounds like a buzz word in today’s environment, but it has never been more important to the employment sector, the economy and society in general. Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR, is the inherent value of an organisation to commit to pressing social and environmental issues.

CSR is about the degree to which a company will engage in human rights, environmental care, equitable employment, gender equality and community engagement, among other areas.

With the easy access to information, customers are no longer satisfied to simply receive a service from a business. Customers are global citizens who engage with the world as agents of change. CSR is not about doing charity, but about materialising values into positive change. This is what customers care about in today’s environment. If you can hold shared value with your employees, your customers and your stakeholders, you are on your way to effective CSR.

This is where corporate social responsibility consulting comes in.

Corporations no longer simply have a responsibility to meet a financial bottom line. Engaging in the process that leads to that bottom line in an ethical way is just as important. When a corporation understands this, they have found the spearhead of CSR.

Do you need help wrapping your head around this?

Let’s chat about why corporate social responsibility consulting is the best pathway.

Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

Corporate social responsibility consulting ensures your company successfully implements and benefits from its CSR initiatives. CSR consulting helps define the CSR initiatives, identify key stakeholders, determine the appropriate messaging, define scorecards as well as energise the internal and external sources of support. The reality is that when you put people first, your business thrives. CSR that is people-centric fosters unity, growth and diversity.

So, is corporate social responsibility consulting right for me?

The simple answer is yes. Here’s why. Corporate social responsibility consulting requires extensive research. As a CSR consultant, we engage with customers, stakeholders and even focus groups during the research process. The primary importance is to identify potential CSR initiatives for the company. The next step is to create a plan for implementation. CSR requires the creation of KPIs and assessing operational performance as well as partnering with employees and third parties. Awareness is an ongoing part of the process. CSR has many moving pieces that require support from all parties involved.

CSR takes time, effort, and expertise. In our experience, it is best when you entrust your business to a consultant who cares and knows the best way forward.

Selecting the Best CSR Initiative

Corporate social responsibility consulting is essential to better brand reception. CSR results in brand recognition, which then leads to better financial performance. Through accountability and transparency, most organisations are also able to attract and retain talent. While your organisation could work on their social responsibility initiatives independently, consulting offers insight into the market. This creates space to set quantifiable objectives that lead to a stronger brand presence.

Companies with a legacy are built with the acknowledgment of the value of every person. CSR creates the space to put value for people into action.

We can help you select and outwork the best CSR strategies for your business. In our experience, companies who work with a CSR consultant maximise their corporate potential and business operations while having great social impact on the community.

CSR strategies also help your team grow in greater synergy. The secret is to develop a CSR strategy that places value both on your team and on the initiative you have selected. You want to bring your team on the journey. It is my best asset to help organisations unify their greatest asset—their people.

We provide assistance in creating:

  • Vision and Values
  • Capability and Talent Mapping
  • Organizational Development & Transformation
  • Employee Lifecycle
  • Diversity, equity, access andInclusion
  • Culture Creator (Employee Engagement)

Elevated Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

Investing in a corporate social responsibility strategy is a big step. Your time and resources are valuable. The driving force behind Elevated Coaching & Consulting is the genuine acknowledgement of human value and dignity. With over ten years of experience, we have enabled companies to derive value from their CSR initiatives while reducing supply expenses, time and resource wastage, and employee disengagement.

We will generate more business for you but with a strong, healthy foundation that acknowledges value in every member of the process. CSR cultivates beneficial and sustainable work outcomes such as:


Corporate social responsibility consulting works in partnership with marketing, sales, PR and other departments within the business. From beginning to end, the process will lead to persuasive initiatives that achieve substantial ROI and successful market deployment. This will provide visibility to your market strategy and to CSR initiative.


Corporate social responsibility consulting is the birthplace of ideation and inspiration. Innovation is what leads an organisation forward, creates the culture for leadership and employees, and empowers other stakeholders to join forces for a cause. Innovation will enhance a company’s ability to maintain the rewards of a CSR initiative long after initial implementation. With fresh ideas comes improved business performance.


The initial design stages for your CSR initiative will lead to meaningful conversations with employees, leadership, and third-party stakeholders. It is the advantage of corporate social responsibility consulting to nurture compelling and effective communication for the design, development, and implementation of the CSR strategy. Through interviews, case studies, testimonials and feedback, the CSR initiative will gather pieces from every angle for the benefit of the greater picture and of your staff.

If you want to create engagement, having the right support for your CSR initiative will make all the difference.


Corporate social responsibility consulting will help you find alignment with your company’s business strategy. From vision to KPIs to resource allocation and more, CSR consulting ensures that each detail and layer has been accounted for. The goal is to develop a strategy that improves customer loyalty and brand recognition. The reality is that when you care for your people, your strategy thrives. With consulting, we will select the strategies that best fit your team and your long-term goals.

Program Management

CSR initiatives can come in the form of programs that integrate community and media outlets. This is where consulting is crucial. The right CSR consulting will equip you to launch the programs that most align to your organisational mission and ethos. Evaluation is another important part of the process. With the help of consulting, evaluation will facilitate expansion. Program management is also part of the process, which incorporates resource mobilisation and provides ongoing opportunities for diversification.

Corporate social responsibility consulting will keep your organisation from staying stagnant.

Community Participation

Whether it looks like outreach, partnerships, events or social media presence, CSR consulting creates a dialogue between the organisation and the community. In today’s age, it no longer suffices to have a product or a service known by people. Community participation is essential for an organisation to thrive. Effective community engagement is about establishing a local market presence. The best CSR initiatives create a story where the community can find their story.

Corporate responsibility consulting allows you to author the right story.

The Next Step in Your Journey

If you’re ready to get started on this next phase for your organization, reach out. Successful business strategies address ROI, operations, customer value propositions and CSR initiatives. We have worked with many of our clients to integrate sustainability into their practices. Sustainability is not a buzzword; it can be part of your culture and values.

Corporate social responsibility consulting will maximise opportunities for you. Your strategy, operations and customer engagement will align with synergy. Together, we can find the gaps and engage pragmatic solutions that create change. You can meet both the bottom line and work towards greater engagement, presence, and revenue while placing value on your people.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are some of the many facets we have helped clients with. Certain practices also lead to government funding and incentives. We can help you identify which ones align with your vision and help you prepare any proposals or tenders for funding.

Let’s chat

With Elevated Coaching & Consulting, a CSR initiative will no longer be just a clever idea for your business, but it will be business done well. Corporate social responsibility is all about turning profitable ideas into a profitable business that creates a better world.

Sustainability is an essential value in any successful organization today. Let’s chat about how we can make this a reality for your corporation. No matter the size of your business, CSR is the pathway to legacy.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us today to begin implementing diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

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