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What is a business growth consultant?

As business onsultants, we help businesses create and implement strategies to build, grow and transform businesses. Elevated Coaching & Consulting are here to help you to start, grow or scale your business using our extensive experience and proven strategies.We partner with executive leaders to determine pain points, challenges, identify opportunities, the direction where the business is headed. We map out a plan outlining how to get there – and how this can be measured.

We partner with businesses to develop tailored strategies to achieve the desired change and growth, through our business growth consulting. Our goal is to ensure your business is viable and sustainable and that teams are prepared and empowered for a successful transition. Our people-centric approach means that no one is left behind.

We are your business success partner.

We have supported countless leaders and teams build purpose-driven, successful and sustainable businesses and brands by bringing a wealth of leadership, entrepreneurial and business experience to every situation through our business consulting services.

As business growth consultants, we work with executive leadership teams to successfully implement growth, diversification and transformation strategies and plans.

Here are some signs you might need a business growth consultant:

  • Has your business struggled to implement change?
  • Has growth stagnated? Could culture be improved?
  • Has employee engagement & productivity declined?
  • Has corporate culture eroded the personal touch?
  • Are KPIs and goals being missed?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, hiring a business growth consultant could be your next step.

Consulting with businesses - Elevated Coaching and Consulting

Fast-Forward Your Way to Success

Business growth consultants are expert advisors. They understand organizational objectives and recognize the challenges to achieving business success. Strategic advice creates a path for tangible results that drive financial success. It’s normal for a business to plateau at some point. What matters is that you have the agency to stimulate change and growth.

Elevated business growth consultants are commercially minded with a social heart, meaning we offer holistic advice. We care about both the metrics and the people. Great businesses don’t just have a vision for the business, they have a vision for their people and for the clients they serve.

Identifying the obstacles to growth is the first step in the process. Your business might lack insight, human resources, leadership capability, financial mangement, or efficient processes and systems. But a lack of vision or failure to meet customer expectations can also hinder your progress. On the other hand, rapid growth can also cause an organization to fall out of line with its values and purpose. All of the moving pieces of a business require finesse from an expert. The right support for your company will only bring strength, efficiency, alignment and success.

Business growth consultants are expert advisors. They understand organizational objectives and recognize the challenges to achieving business success.

Business Growth Consulting Post-Pandemic

A recent report by Yelp howed that a large number of businesses closed after the pandemic. Most of those businesses did not reopen post-pandemic. The workforce has experienced dynamic changes after the pandemic. Employees are no longer satisfied with the regular 9 to 5 rhythm. There is a greater need for purpose, workplace inclusion and flexibility. And the good news is that this is achievable. A business growth consultant recognizes the opportunities for improvements.

Do you dream of business growth? We want to dream with you. These are some of the solutions that we cover through business growth consulting:


This is the discovery phase, where we engage in a diagnosis of the state of your organization. We will conduct an in-depth assessment and gather as much information as possible about your business. Our analysis keeps your target market, key competitors, organizational objectives, and more in mind. Our goal is to identify where you’re at in relation to your ultimate business goals.


But not just any kind of planning, as business growth consultants, we focus on long-term strategic planning. Our data-driven assessment will provide us with the insight to tailor a strategic plan of action. We will look at what you have in your toolkit and find out what you still need to move to the next level of business success.


Elevated Coaching & Consulting values every team member in the organization. That is why we ensure that the team receives appropriate training. You can’t have a strong game without strong team players. We want to ensure every stakeholder is aware of the strategies, how best to implement them and the role they play in the success of the business.


Once we have reviewed the business growth plan with you, we will support you to set the plan in motion. Our approach is proactive. We will monitor the implementation and coach you and your team through the process.

Elevated Coaching & Consulting values people, that is why we foster healthy relationships with our clients long after we have concluded our consulting. We provide professional advice to help your business flourish and your team thrive.

The Benefits of Unbiased Expertise:

The right business growth consultant will understand the state of your organization and will help take it to the next level. Business owners and leaders are not always able to pinpoint the source of the issue. That’s where we come in and work alongside you to diagnose the issues and prescribe solutions. Both leadership and team members might experience a resistance to change or even the desire to preserve tradition. You don’t want to be held back by these challenges. An external resource is often the best solution to supporting the change management process.

Elevated Coaching & Consulting offers extensive knowledge and a proven track record of helping businesses eliminate the barriers to growth and transformation. We can help you identify your business’ potential.

Fast-Forward Your Way to Success

Our wealth of knowledge, skills and insight will help you leverage the gold in your organization. By eliminating the operational inefficiencies within your business, we will help your business to thrive!

We specialize in developing tailored business strategy, management consulting which focuses on delivering business improvement solutions, business transformation, workforce development, strategic planning, and human resources support – enabling businesses to grow and transform without hiring a full–time Chief Operating Officer. Our personalized approach will take your business to the next level and deliver you a return on your investment.

The right business growth consultant will understand the state of your organization and will help take it to the next level

Ready to get started?

Set your business up for success and positive change, today.
We are available as business growth consultants for start-ups, small and medium business and corporate partners needing operational, planning, strategy and human resources support.

Fast track your business by partnering with us, your business growth consultants. Contact us to get started today.

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