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What is human services consulting?

We work with human services, consulting to bring growth, employee engagement and transformation to all aspects of their work. From exploring funding opportunities to building strategic plans to building capacity with staff, we bring a wealth of industry experience and passion to our human services consulting work.

Human services providers face unique challenges, requiring bespoke solutions and approaches. Whether a strategic framework includes staff capacity building, implementation of new programs and/or onsite coaching, we work with leadership teams to design a strategic plan which caters to the organisation’s specific needs. We are well known for our ability to successfully guide an organisation through a transition period, implementing change management and actioning the strategic plan, enabling the organisation to grow and thrive throughout the entire process.

Does our organisation need human services consulting?

Is your team overwhelmed by the pressure of their daily work?
Has your business struggled to implement change or transition to a new funding model?
Has growth stagnated? Could culture be improved?
Are KPIs and goals being achieved?

Our style of human services consulting specialises in building and implementing person-centric growth strategies for organizational transformation, strategic planning and HR support – enabling businesses to grow and transform.

Does our organisation need human services consulting? - Elevated Consulting

Ready to get started?

Empower your organisation towards positive change, today.

We are available to work with medium to large human services, consulting on strategy, short term planning, and HR support.

Empower your team with Strategic Business Coaching.
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