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Are you looking for leadership coaching?

Elevated Coaching works with leaders in all industries and at all levels, from aspiring leaders exploring their first step into leadership and requiring interview preparation support, to executive leaders feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Authentic leadership coaching supports you to shift your mindset and thrive.

Leadership coaching considers the present and creates an action plan, enabling you to step into your desired future. Leadership coaching covers everything from time management to strategies to manage your mindset, implementing mindfulness and self-care practices, and more. Authentic leadership coaching can help you frame your definition of success and be a catalyst to step into a life and a career that matches this definition.

Elevated Leadership Coaching acknowledges the inherent high-potential of every individual. With this in mind, our programs develop your mindset and capabilities to progress as a leader with a big-picture mindset. This program fosters your strengths, equipping and empowering you to innovate and succeed in leadership roles.

How does Elevated Leadership Coaching work?

Elevated Leadership Coaching adopts a strengths-based approach to develop core leadership skills, with a focus on shifting mindset. We have the ability to work with leaders across a range of industries and spheres of influence, bringing the value of commercial insight and professional experience to deeply understand you and your goals. We have a reputation of trustworthiness, curiosity, dependability and a deep understanding of people that fits seamlessly with over a decade of experience in leading, coaching and mentoring.

We offer group workshops, tailored training programs and one to one coaching to develop leaders in the following areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence and building resilience
  • Managing Performance
  • Mastering coaching conversations
  • Championing Change

Half day group workshops with learning materials or one to one coaching with 6 one-hour sessions

How does Elevate Leadership Coaching work?

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